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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThe Facts

Injuries: NONE. Well, I don’t count the ONE splinter! I also got a little scratch on my arm from opening a band saw blade incorrectly, but it was made all better by Mrs M’s new Boo Boo Balm. (Best name ever!)

Sparks flew from a tool: Twice. Once from the drum sander, when a piece of bird’s eye maple was found to have a metal brad in the end for no good reason. That grooved & killed a sanding belt … luckily not my drum sander’s aluminum drum. The second time sparks flew was from my underpowered, benchtop belt sander; that was no big deal. But exciting.

# boxes of sandpaper used, 50 disks/box: 5. That’s about $80.

# sandpaper belts used: 8. 7 were for the drum sander, and 1 was for the belt sander. That’s about $90.

Bags of sawdust: 5 more. Want any?

Broken tools: 1. My “good” random orbital sander (ROS) must have heard me talking about how I need a better one that captures the generated sawdust  instead of spewing it … in any event, my formerly best ROS came apart when I still had another 2 days of sanding ahead of me.

The Results

Last year, I took a Staycation to build cheese boards for the coming holiday season. It was a good idea … I just didn’t build enough. Still, the 51 projects I finished during last year’s Staycation was a personal record.

Which I obliterated this year.

I started building projects a few weeks before my Staycation, with the intent that I could finish the glued-up blanks when I had more time. It was a productive plan. Here’s what I worked on during my Staycation:

  • 19 Cheese Boards
  • 17 Large Surfboards
  • 15 Lazy Susans
  • 13 Small Sous Chef Boards
  • 7 Large Cutting Boards
  • 7 Pigs
  • 6 Large Sous Chef Boards
  • 6 Cutting Boards
  • 4 Small Boards
  • 3 Bread Boards
  • 3 Custom Boards
  • 1 Medium Surfboard

And 5 new products made it to the finish line (Humor! Coming at you!), just in time for this weekend’s 3 big events:

  • 13 Building Block Sets
  • 1 Recipe Board
  • 1 Clipboard
  • 1 Magic Bottle Opener
  • 1 Bear

The Events

Come see us this weekend!

  • 10/7, Saturday, Grace Baptist Church MOPS Holiday Boutique, with the 2 Mrs M’s.
  • 10/7 & 8, Saturday & Sunday, Saugus High School Boutique Fantastique, with Mr M and Miss M on Saturday, and the elder Mrs M joining Miss M on Sunday.
  • 10/8, Sunday, Canyon High School Shop For A Cause Holiday Boutique, with Mr M insanely manning a double booth solo. It will either be fabulous or completely out of control….


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