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Cutting Board Ends 1First glue up of the day: a pig. Back in the pig business.

Can’t glue up the pig because the boards need to be smoothed. Can’t do that because the drum sander needs the dust collector, which is full. So, I have to empty the dust collector first thing in the morning. Wow, and the bag is overfull. Total mess. Yuck.

Dust. Everywhere.

Is it bad to see daylight through the welds that hold my dust collector together?

Dust cleaned up, sort of. I need a new broom.

And a dust collector, for the record.

Back to business. Dust collector on, drum sander on. First board through … and the conveyor belt jams. Must be replaced … so I have to tear down the drum sander.

You see why I hate the pig business.

Welcome to the beginning of Day One of the Staycation, 2015 version.



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