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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeI am rigid in my frame of reference. I am driven by my right brain. I am not flexible at all.

Said Velda.

Given that she’s never wrong, I enlisted her left brain to evaluate some wooden leftovers that I’ve been saving. These are extra parts from boards made over the last 18 months … and they didn’t fit into my rigid, right brain approach. Apparently.

They no long fit into my shop, either.

Velda accepted the challenge, and here is what she created. All credit goes to her. I had nothing to do with these asymmetrical, oddball designs.

Velda is the Queen of Chaos.

Want a better look? Click on the photos, and they will enlarge for your viewing pleasure.

If one of these catches your eye, you best speak up. Quickly. These boards are absolutely unique, and cannot be copied!

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