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TMF2015Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThis new batch of board was completed just in time to go to our final summer event: the Tehachapi Mountain Festival.

If you’re out and about this weekend, please join us in this mountain community that’s located between the San Joaquin Valley and the Mojave Desert. It’s only 70 miles from our home, yet we’ve never been … and that’s going to change.

These boards are all going with us up the mountain … well, except for the first one. That one (# 15 – 047) was sold as soon as someone saw it in the garage woodshop! It’s already on its way to its new home today. The rest will all be at our event, along with the pigs you saw yesterday and some absolutely unique boards you’ll see tomorrow when you check back to this blog.

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There will be humor, too.


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  1. Henry, if you still have #15, I’d love to have it – how much?? thanks a bunch – g

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