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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeWhen I first made these large cheese servers last year, everyone that saw them called them surfboards.

So, I called them surfboards.

Who knew that a year later, I’d be making novelty boards that are actually shaped like surfboards. So, now, I have “small surfboards,” “medium surfboards,” and these “large surfboards.”

These are 19-1/2″ x 12″ x 1-1/2″.

Two new ideas here:

  • Several of these boards are made from a single plank. The boards made from Hard Maple, Cherry and Red Oak are all made from a single plank.
  • The last board is made from Bloodwood: my first project made from this wood. This piece was absolutely horrible to make, because the original board twisted 2″ after I got it home from the lumberyard. Fixing that took a change in plans & several glue-ups.

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  1. Love the shape whether they remind me of surfboards or not. Great counter-top cutting boards — and so beautiful!

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