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Mr Ms BrandI keep changing it up. Different woods result in different colors, different combinations … different.

There’s a finite number of woods, of course, and many woods are relatively poor choices for cutting boards. However, they can be excellent choices for decorative pieces like cheese boards, bowls, or … well, I’ll figure out the other options as I go.

In this collection, you’ll see some of my old favorites like Black Walnut, Cherry and Yellowheart. There’s some rarer choices, too, like Hickory, Goncalo Alves and Honey Locust.

Want to talk boards? Come see me Thursday night at the Valencia Town Center Farmer’s Market, 4-8pm. And this weekend, you can see the whole Mrs. M’s Handmade crew at the Quartz Hill Almond Blossom Festival, 10a – 5p, Saturday & Sunday.

Hope to see you soon!

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