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Handcrafted ByI noticed that when I made what I consider to be a mid-sized board, they sold almost immediately. Me being a little slow on the uptake at times, I eventually decided to see what would happen if I made several mid-size boards.

Want to find out with me? Today, I’m making a rare solo appearance without the Mrs M’s at the Holiday Arts & Crafts Faire sponsored by the Carpinteria Valley Museum of History. It’s located at 956 Maple Avenue in Carpinteria, 10a – 3p, … and you can see me, and these new boards, if you come to Carpinteria today!


How To Buy A Board From Mr M’s Woodshop

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  1. Well would love to join you today, but I think you are a few miles from Syracuse New York, Good luck Henry Hope you sell out

    • Thanks, Bob! Didn’t sell out, but it was a lovely day in Carpinteria. 80 degrees, with a view of the mountains from my booth, with seagulls soaring overhead. There are worse days….

  2. Great job! The tags also make for a great presentation. What kind of wood combinations do you like to use for these?

    • Bottom line for me is I don’t make a board if I don’t like the combination of woods. I know most people like purpleheart, but, personally, I like the classic look of black walnut, cherry & hard maple. Jatoba is a great substitute for cherry … and very affordable here in Southern California.

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