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World CupAnd they all came up this week! It’s a very confusing time:

1. Luis Suarez was the big news from the World Cup. He bit an opposing player in his last match … and it will be his last match in this World Cup, as he was suspended by FIFA for 8 matches.

Mr. Suarez explained that it was all a misunderstanding … he fell against the player with his mouth open and hit his teeth on the other guy’s shoulder. That’s too bad. It’s also too bad that this is the 3rd time this particular professional soccer player has fallen against opponents with his teeth leading the charge.

Mr. Suarez needs to go back to kindergarten for re-education.

2. Mom had to call for help this week because her house was filling with smoke. Come to find out, the smoke was there because her city was testing the sewer system by filling it with smoke. Which went into my mother’s home.

Smoke testing, which fills some homes. Really?

Tattoo3. Tattoos are bad. Come to find out, having tattoos can keep you out of the military. Apparently, having what Uncle Sam believes to be an excess of tattoos, or simply tattoos in the wrong places, means that you won’t work out as a trained killer and protector of our freedom. My stand against tattoos of all kinds is well established, but … really, Uncle Sam?

4. Obama isn’t doing his job? The hypocrisy of the House leadership reached a new level this week, as House Speaker John Boehner says that he will initiate a lawsuit against President Obama over use of executive actions. Not an impeachment … he’s just going to sue the President because he doesn’t like how he is doing his job.

This is not a left/right issue for me. It’s an ARE YOU KIDDING ME? issue. Think what you will of the Republicans and Democrats, but when they start suing each other instead of taking care of the people’s business, then we’re just log-rolling until the next election. Throw the bums out.

5. Soccer is hot right now. Everybody roots for their country in the World Cup … just like in the Olympics. And that’s great. What’s confusing is the number of people complaining about the bandwagon fans that are only now noticing the sport. Doesn’t matter to me: enjoy the Cup, and root for your country. Sounds perfect. Ann Coulter had her 5 minutes of attention this week by disparaging the sport while everyone else was cheering on her country’s team. And that’s the last bit of attention Ms. Coulter will have from me.

6. Political correctness extends to plants now. It’s not enough to include people in every category (because we’re all special), now we have to do so with plants. There’s a movement to classify all plants that can grow in an area “native” to that area. In the case of Southern California, some would have any “drought tolerant” plant called “native.” Thank you, no. Just because a plant can grow here, that doesn’t make it a native. That just makes it a plant that can grow here. Native means it’s a plant that belongs in our ecosystem, and a plant that will feed the other living things that call Southern California home.



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