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Dodgers LogoIt’s time!

The boys of summer are back in uniform. They’re playing. There’s actual media coverage of actual games. Well, spring training games, anyway.

Very, very soon, we’ll hear Vin Scully’s immortal, “It’s Time For Dodger Baseball!”

I enjoy watching sports. I don’t consider myself very serious about it: I’m not in any fantasy leagues. I really don’t follow the NFL. I ignore the NBA, NHL and NASCAR.

I know some guys that can quote players, stats and histories in multiple sports. Their knowledge of their favorite teams and players will make your head swim. That’s great … I just can’t get there.

So I’m not a serious sports fan … but I am dedicated!

I do enjoy following my Mizzou Tigers in football (we had a great year!) and basketball (we’re not having a great year, but we’re close to going to March Madness for the 6th straight season. If we make it, we’ll be the only SEC team with that record). I follow UCLA in the same sports, and have even gone to Jackie Robinson Stadium to see the Bruins play baseball. The family has gone on campus to see the men’s & women’s soccer teams play. We all enjoy sports.

But baseball is my first love, the Dodgers my adopted team, and I usually get to watch at least parts of about 150 of their regular season’s 162 games.

This year, I hope to watch more games as the Dodgers go beyond the regular season into the playoffs. The new owners of the Dodgers (with Magic Johnson out front) have stepped up to buy a team of proven winners … they have the highest payroll in Major League Baseball.

Now, we get to see if those rich players can actually play together, win together and then go to the World Series.

I need some peanuts. It’s time for Dodger baseball!

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