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textingI have one habit that annoys Velda.

OK, settle down out there. That’s a true statement: I do have one habit that annoys Velda. Really, I do.

And that’s all I’m admitting to. One habit. Velda annoyed.

Sometimes, when I’m backing out of a parking space, I’ll not put my seat belt on until I’m moving forward. Drives her nuts. Now, understand, I never drive any significant distance without a seat belt … its only when I’m backing out, and then when I turn back around to face forward I put the car in drive and put my seat belt on.

Drives her nuts. Sure way to hear nagging, every single time.

But, IMHO, that’s not a huge safety risk. Apparently she disagrees. Vocally. Predictably. Vociferously.

But that’s not today’s story.

Today, I was driving at 65 miles an hour in the #2 lane on the 210 … that’s something we Angelenos do, you see (seat belt firmly in place). In the # 1 lane, there was a lady driving a Surburban, going about 75. And she was texting. She looked to be 40 something, so I’m going to say she was old enough to know better.

But then, she was old enough to drive so she MUST know better.

I thought people understood that driving and texting don’t mix. Honestly, I thought the message had gotten through already.

Apparently it hasn’t.

So: Don’t text while driving. I’ll stop backing out without a seatbelt … you stop texting while driving.

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  1. My mother has always backed out before putting on her seatbelt and my sister does it, too. I’m with Velda. It drives me nuts!

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