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iPod 1All the cool kids were doing it. I resisted. I was wrong.

Hear that, Velda? I was wrong. I freely admit that.

For years and years, I resisted the idea that lower quality electronic copies of songs was the way to go. We bought iPods for the kids … but I bought CDs. Finally, last Christmas, I embraced change and asked Santa for an iPod.

And I have now ripped 72 gallons of CDs. I know it’s 72 gallons, because that’s the storage capacity needed to keep all of the CDs & jewel cases. And yes, the idea that I’m keeping the CDs is probably evidence that I haven’t fully embraced the digital age … oh well.

I decided to buy library software to store CD-quality audio on my hard drive; I am using JRiver Media Center 18. It allows me to drag and drop playlists, design smart playlists with rules that I write, and play songs by genre and by artist (to name but a few of my options).

13,619 songs are now at my fingertips, wherever I go. There are 17 different playlists, each of my specific design.

And that, my friends, is a wonderful thing.

Ipod 2


Music To My Ears

Sobbing On An Airplane

JRiver Media Center Software


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  1. Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but I save cd’s too…

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