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It’s nearly over.

To the relief of everyone (right?), this Presidential campaign is nearly over. The Wall Street Journal ran a very interesting article a few days ago, illustrating the extreme views we are exposed to on Facebook that are specifically tailored to either conservatives or liberals. Want to see how the other half gets their “news?” Read this: Blue Feed, Red Feed.

Here’s a Facebook exchange I read from some partisans, under a picture of a defaced yard sign. In this exchange, they deplore a lie from one side only to applaud a lie from the other:

HUMAN # 1: This is getting out of hand. I have a friend from out of state who went to Bible study this morning only to be told if Hillary is elected she will force all of the churches to close. REALLY.

HUMAN # 2: That’s just awful.

HUMAN # 3: Think you might be amused so while trick or treating the boy saw a Trump sign in a neighbor’s yard and asked the presumed home owner why he wanted to own women’s ovaries. I think he (the stupid dude in the neighborhood) was made speechless when an 11 yr old read him the riot act over what he perceived from that sign. Never been prouder of the B!

HUMAN # 2:

This is not a political post. Rather, it’s a post about My President. Here’s an excerpt from a post I wrote in 2012 prior to that presidential election:

Let me tell you about my President.

He (ed. note: or she!) is, first and foremost, the defender of the Constitution.  He (or she) swears to protect the Constitution when he (or she) takes the oath of office. He (or she) will do whatever it takes for the United States of America to survive.  To thrive.

He (or she) is the Commander-in-Chief, and directs our armed forces.  Hopefully, he (or she) will use them sparingly.  But he (or she) will use them to protect American interests here and abroad.

He (or she) is the head of one entire branch of our government:  the executive branch.  He (or she) is the face of America to the world.

These days, it seems that he (or she) must be a referee, as he (or she) attempts to balance the odious extremities of both parties and work with the Congress to craft the laws that govern our nation.  Today’s rhetoric is not the most spiteful in our country’s history (Lincoln was denounced as a “military dictator … grasping at the power of a despot,” for example.), but today’s political statements are certainly the most insulting and divisive in the memory of most Americans.

I regret that today’s citizens believe they must speak in an extreme fashion in order to be heard.

I regret that today’s presidential candidates feel they must spin their opponent’s statements and implications into a twisted version of “truth” that has little to do with the original statement’s intent.  And many journalists are eager to feed the monster and escalate the statements even more with screaming headlines proclaiming the other guy (ed. note: candidate) a liar, an idiot … well, you’ve seen the headlines.  They look the same to me, whether you’re reading the Huffington Post or the New York Times, Newsmax or the Drudge Report.

I know that I’ll disagree with our next President on many issues.  That’s not really news:  I disagree with everyone, including myself, sometimes.  Disagreement is not the same thing as discourtesy.  Or defamation.  Or destruction.

I don’t know who’s going to win the election on Tuesday.  But, I can tell you this:  he (or she) will be my President.

I hope you vote tomorrow. And, I hope that no matter who wins, you will be supportive of our President.


My President (2012)

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