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An Actual Conversation   8 comments

I swear this is true. The names have been changed to protect, uh, me He.

He: What is this?

She: Larb.

He: Larb?

She. L. A. R. B. Larb.

He: Why are we having Larb for dinner?

She: I was hungry for Larb.

LarbHe: How do you get hungry for Larb?

She: I like Larb.

He: I never get hungry for Larb. I don’t even know Larb. Why are you hungry for Larb?

She: When I go out for Thai food, I have Larb. Unless I have Bun. And it’s not a bun. And I like Larb.

He: (drinks his Bulleit)

She: I didn’t give you the hot Larb. You wouldn’t like it.

He: Should I use the sauce?

She: Yes, but not too much. It has some pepper in it.

He: I like pepper.

She: But I know you don’t like spicy foods, so don’t have any.

He: I like spicy foods.

She: No you don’t.

He: I don’t know what I like?

She: It doesn’t matter. Eat your Larb.

He: So I put it in a lettuce leaf?

She: I prefer the cabbage.

He: So why are there lettuce leaves? Is the cabbage too spicy?

She: It doesn’t matter. Eat your Larb.

He: OK.

She: And put some rice in it, too.

He: Is that why there’s rice on the table?

She: Eat your Larb.

He: OK.

She: I found the recipe online.

He: (drinks his Bulleit)

She: Really. Want to see it?

He: Uh, no.

She: Oh, this is really hot. My mouth is on fire.

He: It has pepper in it.

She: (drinks her Bulleit)

BulleitHe: (drinks his Bulleit)

She: It’s good. I love the fresh flavors. Lime. Cilantro. Mint. Cabbage.

He: Cabbage flavor? Really?

She: Eat your Larb.

He: (drinks his Bulleit)

She: This doesn’t taste like what I had yesterday.

He: You had Larb yesterday?

She: Yes, and it didn’t taste like this.

He: I thought you were hungry for Larb.

She: I am.

He: But you had it yesterday?

She: Yes, I had it yesterday.

He: But you were hungry for more today?

She: Yes. I like Larb.

He: But this doesn’t taste like what you had yesterday?

She: No.

He: So are you hungry for this Larb, or yesterday’s Larb?

She: I like this. I like Larb. Don’t you like it?

He: Why am I eating Larb?

She: I like it. Go ahead. Drink your bourbon. I like it. Go ahead and blog about it. I don’t care. I like Larb.


(ed. note: Larb is a minced meat salad. It’s the national dish of Laos.)

(further ed. note: She likes it.)

(final ed. note: He is not allowed to eat the hot stuff, but at least She prepared some Larb without the heat. He prepared the Bulleit, and all was well.)

Larb recipe on Grit & Glimmer blog (probably not the one used in the above Actual Conversation)

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