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NFLIf you’re a football fan, you’ve read about it. The name of the Washington Redskins is hate speech, and it’s gotta go. Even President Obama weighed in last week, saying he would look at changing the name if he were the owner.

ABC’s Face The Nation weighed in on Sunday morning, and all of the pundits agreed (even Cokie Roberts, who IS a season ticket holder) that the name has to go.

Because it offends somebody.

Read a couple of opinion pieces below, and the last link includes the letter that the owner of the Redskins (OMG) wrote to his season ticket holders. He says he’s not going to change.

The problem with all of the haters out there is that they aren’t going far enough. You see, if sports team names have to change if they offend anybody, then they all have to go.

Because I am OFFENDED by every NFL team name. To wit (HA! I kill me.):

Arizona Cardinals: This team was originally in St Louis, and then moved to Arizona. The problem is that Cardinals are not migratory birds. Fail.

Atlanta Falcons: Falcons kill other birds, and that makes them inappropriate as role models.

Baltimore Ravens: Edgar Allen Poe was crazy, lived in Baltimore, and created a mythical raven that said “nevermore.” You can’t use that name for a sports team; it has too much negativity.

Buffalo Bills: This team name offends because it’s alliterative with no meaning. What’s a Bill? If this is an homage to the real Buffalo Bill, then that’s not right. He never even heard of football (he died in 1917, before the NFL was founded).

Carolina Panthers: Panthers don’t live in the Carolinas, and black panthers don’t live farther east than Texas. I’m offended when a team tries to assume a relationship with an animal that isn’t true.

Chicago Bears: Bears don’t live in Illinois. Bears in Chicago? It’s a lie.

Cincinnati Bengals: Tigers don’t live in the US. It’s a lie, and I’m offended that a team in Ohio would assume a relationship with an animal that isn’t even native to the Americas.

Cleveland Browns: When the Browns were founded, they wanted to be called the Panthers, but couldn’t be because they didn’t own the name. Brown was the name of the first coach. I’m offended that they are named after a dead person, but it was their second choice. They should respect their coaches.

Dallas Cowboys: Cowboys don’t wear white and blue. And they don’t have scantily clad cheerleaders, either.

Denver Broncos: Rodeos torture animals. It’s not appropriate to name a team after a tortured animal.

Detroit Lions: Lions don’t live in Michigan … not even in bankrupt cities.

Green Bay Packers: The Green Bay Packers were first sponsored by the Indian Packing Company … need I say more?

Houston Texans: Team members are not all from Texas or Houston … so this team name is a lie.

Indianapolis Colts: The helmets of this team have a horseshoe imprinted on each side. What are they thinking? Don’t they know that football players have concussion issues? And they celebrate the idea that horses are going to kick every player … twice? I’m offended.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Another regionally inappropriate name. Plus, since the species is threatened, it’s inappropriate to gain advantage by trading on its threatened name.

Kansas City Chiefs: Stop with the Indian names, already!

Miami Dolphins: Dolphins deserve our protection; they should not be tackled.

Minnesota Vikings: I’ve seen Vikings, and they drink mead and wear hats with big curved horns. Since these football players do neither, they can’t be named the Vikings.

New England Patriots: It’s unfair for this team to insinuate that they are more American than other teams. All teams are equally American, and all equally support the US of A. This team can’t claim a preferential American name.

New Orleans Saints: Really? We’re bringing religion into the discussion? Unacceptable.

New York Giants: Giants are mythical creatures that scare children. That’s an inappropriate name for a team.

New York Jets: The Jets were a gang in West Side Story. Team names cannot glorify musical theater. Or gangs.

Oakland Raiders: Though the team must be given some credit for supporting the handicapped, as their logo Raider only has one eye … the implication that they are pirates or outlaws cannot be ignored, even if they are handicapped. Fail.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles are nothing more than an organization that succeeded the Frankford Yellow Jackets, who went bankrupt. That’s not an appropriate reflection on our national symbol, so they must not be called the eagles.

Pittsburgh Steelers: This represents old, rust belt technology. Any backwards-looking term is inappropriate.

San Diego Chargers: This term implies the total waste of energy. Lightning bolts as a logo? Inappropriately wasteful.

San Francisco 49ers: Using a number as a team name is far too confusing, as most of the team wears other numbers.

St. Louis Rams: I’ve lived in Missouri, and never seen a ram there. Regionally inappropriate.

Seattle Seahawks: A sea hawk is an occasional nickname of the osprey, a bird of prey that feeds on fish. Unacceptable. We should never glorify creatures that kill innocent animals like fish.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Pirates are evil. Why would you want your team to be evil?

Tennessee Titans: The Titans are a part of the Greek mythology. Again with the religious references?

Washington Redskins: I have no problem with a team called the Redskins … as long as they all have red skin. If not, then….


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