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The bigger elections have always had a polling place in a neighbor’s garage, about a dozen houses away.

Not this time. We were consolidated into a larger precinct, and several hundred voters converged on the nearest park to do their duty as a citizen.

I didn’t even have to show an ID. I self-identified, signed in, and got a ballot.


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First Tuesday After the First Monday in November

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First Tuesday After the First Monday in November   1 comment

Love this article from NPR:  Why do we vote on Tuesdays?  Because of the horse & buggy.  Read the story here.

Me, I voted on this Tuesday, in the garage of a neighbor’s home, just as I’ve done in every major election for 25 years.

Parking place?  Nope, today it’s the polling place.  No ID required … at least, none required if you hand them the sample ballot you got in the mail, as I always do.

Seven booths, no waiting at noon. The lines do get long after 5pm, and longer ballots often result in longer lines.  Today, we voted on 3 federal, 2 state and 1 county race, as well as 14 different propositions.

We mark a scannable form with a black ink stamp. We’ve got hundreds of varieties of ballots and voting mechanisms across the country. That seems wrong … but at least we’ve never had to deal with hanging chad in California!

It’s all about getting this low quality, poly lingual sticker.  It is so California.

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