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I took an early walk through my neighborhood the other day … and the majority of the US flags I saw were displayed improperly.

This is NOT hard. Unfortunately, people just don’t think about what they are doing.

Here is how a flag on your home should look:


Unfortunately, here are examples of bad flag displays that I saw. Again, the the majority of homes displaying a flag were doing so improperly.

Please, if you choose to display the US flag, follow these simple rules:

1. Only display flags that represent our country well. Tattered, sun-faded or soiled flags should be retired.

2. Flags should be allowed to fly freely. If the wind fouls them against trees or the roof, then the location is poor. If the flag is wrapped around itself, it needs to be unfurled.

3. Flags flown in the dark should be “properly illuminated” (that’s what the US Flag code says).

4. Only water-resistant flags should fly in inclement weather.


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