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The Board Chronicles: California Strawberry Festival 2016   8 comments

The Board Chronicles is an ongoing series of articles about the adventures of Mrs M’s Handmade as a vendor at community festivals & craft fairs. Mrs M’s subsidiary, Mr M’s Woodshop, has been approved to create this chronicle for the good of vendorkind.

headerIt’s one of the top festivals in the nation, according to the organizers.

250+ vendors. A carnival. Unending strawberry delights … sold by local charities. Over $4,500,000 has been raised at this event for those charities during its history. Expected attendance of 55,000.

And, it all happens about an hour from our house.

You bet we’re in.

Last year, we had unspectacular results (see The Board Chronicles: California Strawberry Festival for the 2015 summary), but with 20/20 hindsight, I’m sure we didn’t bring our “A” game. Since this event celebrates my favorite fruit, it’s time to step it up and make something happen.

New Ideas

  • Last year, this was one of our last 10×10 booths before we began doing 10×20 booths everywhere. Always. To see our sad little booth last year, see How Far We’ve Come.
  • The Lady had to “work” at her “job” so Little Girl & I did this one together. Wait. That’s not a new idea.
  • Doing food at this event last year was crazy. Long, long lines. 30 minute waits. We brought our food from home this year. Mrs M wasn’t there to do her great cheese platters, but we survived.


  • Spring Fling event # 7 of 8. I love that I can see the end.
  • I took Friday off just to go do the set-up, which always seems difficult at this event.
  • Wind. Blows.
  • Be prepared for a major production here. The event is HUGE, with an entrance fee, shuttle buses, a carnival, corporate sponsors, wacky strawberry contests….
  • I had a new direct competitor! A professional, full-time woodworker from Sacramento was at the event, and his offering was very similar to my own. His boards were artfully made and very attractive. They seemed to be a bit smaller than mine, but he had a nice looking booth & a great inventory. He and his wife were very friendly when I introduced myself.
  • Direct. Competitor.
  • Hope I brought my “A” game.
  • Little Girl continued her tradition of painting her toes before the event starts. Ah, tradition.
  • Gates opened at 10am. We were ‘whelmed by 10:30am. Not overwhelmed, mind you, but we were ‘whelmed. I lost my tally of sales almost immediately. Simply too busy to know what was going on.
  • I like busy.
  • The vendor side of the California Strawberry Festival is managed by a professional organization that manages about 20 different events up & down California. Among other wonderful things, they dedicate centrally located portable bathrooms in the vendor area to vendor use only. And they are clean. And available.
  • No question that legacy sales for both Mrs M & me were important this weekend. Many people remembered us, sought us out, and bought from us. Again. I don’t always feel a strong connection to other events and particularly last year’s event, but the Force was very strong here.
  • Please allow me to declare victory with Mrs M’s new display. Again. We had groups of customers 4 deep in/around her booth several times this weekend. I can’t overstate this. The new booth lends us a legitimacy that was clearly lacking in our simpler, table-centric presentation.
  • I looked at the other skin care products booths at this event … and they were all very simple, table-centric displays. That is so last month.
  • We got ‘whelmed a few times on Saturday. People just kept coming, and both sides of the booth were busy.
  • So many transactions under $10. So many.
  • When I finally got home to balance the books Saturday night, I found that I had a very good day with 24 boards sold. Mrs M, though …

Best. Mrs. M. Day. Ever.

  • We fell just a bit short of our all-time best day … but this is May! We’re not supposed to be that busy in May!
  • When in doubt, French Braid. I don’t get wisdom like this if Little Girl isn’t around.
  • So many transactions under $10. So many.
  • I was asked for utensils, a backgammon board (not going to happen!), in-counter boards (3x), my business card holder (!), a gift for a wine lover to complement my Magic Bottle Opener for a beer lover (I need more shop time!), pizza peels (3x) and (wait for it) chess boards (3x).
  • My new product introduction is an unqualified success. Magic Bottle Openers are now outselling cheese boards 2:1, and cheese boards used to be my # 1 seller. Hmmmmmm.
  • Every vendor was told that vehicles could not come into the vendor area until the police had cleared the street as safe (as in, free from civilians wandering around). In no event would the street be opened to vehicles before 7pm after the 6:30pm close. Pack your booth FIRST, then bring in your vehicle, everyone was reminded. It worked perfectly. A guard manned the gate. No chaos. I brought the trailer in at about 7:45pm, and we were on the road in about 30 minutes.
  • After a comfort food dinner (and yes, it was essential), I saw how we did … and the display delivered. Again.

Best. Mrs. M. Event. Ever.

  • But wait. There’s more. I didn’t have my best sales event, but with Mrs M’s business growing to a fabulous 43% of our total….

Best. Event. Ever.

  • I heard some other vendors had good weekends; some were not happy. As it always is. Several veterans reported to me this was an average year for them. If so … average works for me.

The Food

Saturday Breakfast: Jimmy Dean’s Junior Breakfast Burrito. I was told I shouldn’t say it’s the 2nd best breakfast burrito in Santa Clarita … so it’s the best one that Velda doesn’t make.

Saturday Lunch: a ham sandwich from home. My traditional lunch, almost every day.

Saturday Snack: no time

Saturday Dinner: We went to Margaritas. I had quacamole & a Cadillac Margarita. Thank goodness.

Sunday Breakfast: Jimmy Dean’s Junior Breakfast Burrito

Sunday Lunch: a ham sandwich from home

Sunday Snack: Cashews & a chocolate bar from home

Sunday Dinner: Leftovers = comfort food at 10pm

The Facts

  • Total miles driven: 312
  • Booth cost: $765
  • # of people we met during the event from the producer: 2
  • Visits in our booth by a promoter’s representative: 2
  • Total sales: $4,048
  • # containers of product taken: 38. I think.
  • # boards available: all of them
  • Saturday alarm: 5:18a
  • Sunday alarm: 6:45a
  • # transactions: 151. This is a WOW. We’ve never done 100 transactions before, much less 150!
  • # soap & lotion vendors: at least 3 others
  • # woodworking vendors: at least 5 others
  • Edge grain vs. end grain: 34:2
  • Returning next year? Absolutely

Boards sold: 36

Magic Bottle Openers: 12

Cheese Boards: 5

Custom Orders: 4

Cutting Boards: 3

Lazy Susans: 3

Large Sous Chef Board: 2

Small Boards: 2

Large Surfboards: 2

Clipboards: 2

Bear Cutting Board: 1

The Board Chronicles: Simi Valley Street Fair   3 comments

The Board Chronicles is an ongoing series of articles about the adventures of Mrs M’s Handmade as a vendor at community festivals & craft fairs. Mrs M’s subsidiary, Mr M’s Woodshop, has been approved to create this chronicle for the good of vendorkind.

Simi Valley Street FairWhen you go to the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce’s site for this event, here is what you see:

Produced by the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce, but with a lot of help from business, organizations, the City of Simi Valley and the community, the Simi Valley Street Fair has sold out of street space in past year’s events.  This year will be no exception!

That is the complete event description. No photos, no hype. Just … 2 sentences.

So, please, let me be a bit more verbose.

This is the biggest single-day event in the city of Simi Valley. 300+ booths are promised, along with 5 entertainment stages and more. We did this event in 2015; you can read about my experiences as an overwhelmed solo act here. I found the event exhausting, but worthwhile.

This event is a little quirky for us as “experienced” vendors. After all, we’ve had 2 whole years of experience, so we practically feel like senior citizens now.

But then, we are.

This event requires all vendors to attend one of their pre-event information sessions to hear how the event will work, and get their booth assignments live. Part of that presentation is a very rudimentary discussion on how to maximize the opportunity that the Chamber of Commerce is affording you (“Know your goals!” “Wear comfortable shoes!”). I was insulted last year, and called in to decline the opportunity to attend this year. I was cleared to not attend, and was sent an email after the final meeting, giving me our booth position, which was on the opposite end of the string of 300 booths from where we were last year.

That’s no big thing, but it is certainly not a benefit to move positions unless last year’s position was BAD. Ours was not: last year, working solo, I had what was at the time the Best. Day. Ever. Given that, OF COURSE we were going back in 2016. And, as always, we doubled down with a double booth (doubling our expenses). Because of Mrs M’s new display, we rented a U-Haul trailer for 2 days (again, increasing expenses).

Our expectation was that we could have a great event, even if we didn’t set records. After all, we had space for a better presentation – we had Mrs M’s new booth working for us. We were ready for a great day.

This event is a little quirky. It’s a Chamber of Commerce event, so you can expect a lot of local businesses with giveaways (bags, fans, buckets and much more). You can expect senior citizens walking the event to get the freebies with no purchase intent whatsoever. You can expect local politicos to have campaign booths. And, you can expect an overwhelming number of booths & vendors (300+ is a big number!).

We arrived on site at 6am, and got in the queue to unload our gear. This event is unique in that it requires all vendors to unload with the assistance of the Simi Valley High School football team (!), who transfers your gear to all-terrain utility vehicles (that people own in LA?) pulling small trailers. Mrs M went with the first load to our booth spaces, and the 2nd load completed our load-in. I went to park the Jeep + trailer, got lost, and ended up parking on a residential street. I walked back to the site, and we were ready for set-up.

New Ideas

  • Double booth this year with Mrs M, versus a single booth exclusively staffed by me last year.
  • We needed a trailer (rental) to bring Mrs M’s new display + all of the product. Last year, everything came in the Jeep.
  • A license was required from the city of Simi Valley this year. One more one-time expense….


  • Spring Fling #6 of 8. Are we done yet? Please?
  • Be wary of expectations. They’ll kill you.
  • It seemed that many more people were price sensitive this year … I even had one lady complain about the absurdity of paying $40 for a cheese board. And if that price point is unacceptable, I have nothing to offer her.
  • Mrs M had a steady stream of interest, though a limited number of transactions, it seemed. We spent the day wondering why business wasn’t stronger … and many of her transactions were for a single bar of soap. It’s hard to make much headway $6 at a time, though she clearly sold some soap.
  • Same level of activity on my side of the booth. No big board sales, and only one sale above $100. Last year, I sold 4x cutting boards. This year … none.
  • Lots of people talked to me about their bamboo cutting boards. All were surprised at the negatives that I cited; most had been lied to by either their bamboo cutting board sales person, or the internet. Unfortunately.
  • We saw a cat in a bag, a cat in a stroller, a corn snake, and an iguana worn as really funky jewelry. Simi Valley is an unusual place. Oh, and dogs were everywhere, so perhaps Simi’s not so unusual.
  • We got ‘whelmed a couple of times in the booth, and lost track of the sales tally that I obsessively keep track of. No big deal: it happens. At one point, I counted 4 different groups on my side of the booth. Velda had the same level … though it seemed just about everybody looked & kept walking.
  • We finished the day thinking we were down $200 to prior year.
  • I came home, counted cash, and discovered that we were actually up a whole $4 versus prior year. That’s better … but booth costs went up $150. And then there’s the trailer rental, so we definitely lost money compared to last year. The insignificant increase in revenue  wouldn’t cover any increase in expenses, much less ours which more than doubled.
  • Requests included cabinet doors, RV sink covers, cheese knives, a cribbage board, cutting boards designed to help amputees, and chess boards (4!).
  • I’m thinking I should make some chess boards.
  • Four people took pictures of my work, with my permission. “I don’t want to forget what I am looking at” was the typical reason … which implies residual sales will crop up. We’ll see.
  • We travel heavy, and one day events are a lot of work. For this 8-hour event, I had to rent a trailer, load the trailer, drive to the event (3/4 hour), set up (2 hours), do the event, tear down (1-3/4 hours), drive home (3/4 hour), unload the trailer … and get ready to do it again in a week. I don’t like one day events. Especially ones that disappoint.
  • Vending is glamorous.
  • Expectations can kill you.

The Food

Saturday Breakfast: Jack In The Box # 23. They’re open all night, so I figured they were a safe bet for breakfast at 5:15am. We were 3rd in line, in fact.

Saturday Lunch: Mrs M did a cheese & cracker plate. Wonderful, though I never eat a full meal before I get distracted, the food gets dry, and consumption ends. But it was wonderful while I was engaged.

Saturday Snack: Mrs M found year-old flavored almonds to foist on me. They tasted as good as that sounds, too.

Saturday Dinner: The Dodgers scored 5 runs yesterday, so we got cheap Papa John’s pizza this evening. Low impact, low cost nourishment.

The Facts

  • 2015 sales: $1,424
  • Total miles driven: 72
  • Booth cost: $315
  • # of people we met during the event from the producer: 0
  • Visits in our booth by a promoter’s representative: 1 (“Here’s your welcome packet” … which I never looked at.)
  • Total sales: $1,428
  • # containers of product taken: No clue. I’ve lost control of the process …
  • # boards available: All of them (not a good thing).
  • Saturday alarm: 4:18am
  • # transactions: 55
  • # soap & lotion vendors: no clue … at least one other soaper that has an online presence that implied “we’re just getting started.” Been there, not so long ago.
  • # woodworking vendors: no clue, as I didn’t have time to go walkabout … but our neighbor made gnome houses from wood. I’m sure there were others.
  • Edge grain vs. end grain: 14:1
  • Returning next year? maybe

Boards sold:15

Magic Bottle Openers: 4

Cheese Boards: 4

Small Boards: 2

Custom Orders: 2

Small Sous Chef Board: 1

Lazy Susan: 1

Cheese & Cracker Server: 1

The Board Chronicles: Rotary Art Show   3 comments

The Board Chronicles is an ongoing series of articles about the adventures of Mrs M’s Handmade as a vendor at community festivals & craft fairs. Mrs M’s subsidiary, Mr M’s Woodshop, has been approved to create this chronicle for the good of vendorkind.

Rotary Art ShowIt’s a big world out there, and we’re venturing out into it. It’s the 47th Annual Rotary Art Show in Studio City! It’s a Mother’s Day weekend tradition in the Valley, gathering artists of many different stripes together so shoppers can browse and have a beautiful walk in the park.

This will be our first “art show.”


That’s a troublesome word for me. Some people look at what I do – and what Mrs M does – and absolutely say that it’s art. People say my boards are too beautiful to use (which bugs me). They walk into the booth and say “Wow!” (and I never get tired of that).

There’s no doubt that what I’m making is artistic, from some perspectives. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that what I’m making are functional tools for food prep, or perhaps food presentation. What I make is pretty, people tell me. So, am I an artist? A skilled craftsman? A maker? A guy with an out-of-control hobby?


On Mrs M’s side, she’s going way out on the art side with her new product, soap. It’s pretty – some of the bars are really very pretty with colors that complement the scent for a unified presentation. And, the bars are actually soap, naturally made, and 100% good to use on your skin. She’s explored the scientific side of soap making, and carefully created recipes that balance the result of using the soap: not too much cleansing which robs your skin of its natural oils, not too little lather, and (for me) not too much abrasive quality.

I don’t like scratchy soap. I’m a delicate flower, you see.

But I digress.

This is about what we’re creating as we make things – pretty things, we hope, but still with a purpose. The things we make are to be “of use.”


OK, we’ll see.

New Ideas

  • It’s an art show. Will we be at home?
  • This marks the launch of Mrs M’s soaps, offered for sale at this event for the first time. Mrs M’s email subscribers got an email Thursday evening to connect to Mrs M’s site which is now open for soap sales (you can subscribe to that seldom-published email on her website; fill out the form accessible at the bottom of the homepage, or here).
  • Mrs M got a makeover this week … well, her side of the booth did. New logo, new display pieces, new product, new packaging … new, new, new.
  • “Art.”


  • We’re back at our Spring Fling; this is event # 5 of 8.
  • Rain was forecast throughout the weekend … thunderstorms, even. SoCal weather continues to promise a lot of wet long past the time we should be doing our dry summer tradition.
  • Load-in was an absolute bear on Friday. I had to park about 50 yards downhill from the park entrance nearest my booth, and then had to push everything on my cart up the hill, and then carry it the final 10 yards to the booth. It was 90 minutes just to get the transport done … and then I had to set up the shade structures and booth displays, alone. This was not the best part of the weekend. I left all of the products in their containers, as rain was forecast overnight.
  • We drove in on Saturday morning for our early set-up under an ominous sky after an overnight rain. No rain damage to the booth overnight, though our tablecloths were wet. We put our wet sidewalls up, and got to work with the set-up. We had walkers at the booth by 9am, for our scheduled 10am start.
  • Mrs M loves her new booth. Loves it. And, if I may say so, somebody did a good job building it. This is a huge upgrade.
  • This art show is a well-oiled machine. The volunteers are very nice and helpful. The promoter is engaged with her vendors. Vendors even get free coffee and donuts from the Boy Scout-run food booth. I absolutely recommend this show.
  • Blue skies in the morning! The weekend continued to be cloudy as predicted, but it was only partly cloudy. No more rain fell on the event, so weather became more of a non-issue as the weekend progressed. However, the dark gray clouds were close enough Saturday morning that we definitely felt the event was weather-impacted.
  • The first sale of the day was the clipboard that I’ve sold 5 times. It started as a custom order, but the customer decided to not come get the completed item, nor pay for it. While I was still thinking the customer would respond to my emails, I did take the board to an event just to show it (with a “Sold!” label) … and I had 3 people ignore the sign & try to buy it. Finally, this weekend, I sold it to another vendor, who was happy to be the 5th & final buyer. A happy ending.
  • I must have been punch drunk as Saturday wore on. I said to one customer as they were looking at boards, “Let me know if I have any questions.” Apparently, I had a few.
  • Six languages were overheard on Saturday. I was happy that I spoke one of them. Better on some days than others, unfortunately.
  • One young lady was confused by one of Velda’s products. She read the label as “Booty Balm.” She thought that was a strange thing to sell … and didn’t notice that it was Baby Booty Balm. Not so strange. The lady then went on to tell the story that just a few minutes earlier, she saw an engraved tag (charm? pendant?) that she looked at, and it said, “Scratch My Butt.” She also didn’t understand that … until the artist told her it was jewelry for a dog.
  • There are some things I don’t understand, either.
  • My friend Cyndee dropped by to see me, which was such a nice surprise! We worked together closely for more than a decade. It’s good to work in a place where you actually see people every day … which is why, now, this lonely home office veteran enjoys meeting people as Mr M.
  • Best couple of the weekend was styling and having oh, so much fun. They looked like they could have been in the Mod Squad in the ’70s. Bright colors. Faux fur. Big jewelry. He was talking to me about woodworking (he had built stuff), when she returned to the booth after exploring Mrs M’s products, and grabbed his face to rub his beard. She thought he needed beard oil more than to talk to me. After another exploration of Mrs M’s wares, she returned to demand a kiss after using Mrs M’s lip scrub. Ah, youth.
  • We were more busy on Sunday … which is generally not the case. You wouldn’t expect Mother’s Day to be a great day for a pop-up event, but the Rotary Art Show is an annual tradition in this neighborhood, where many people walk a few blocks to stroll in the park. Our business more than doubled on Sunday. We were overwhelmed a couple of times. We lost track of sales. Busy.
  • Mrs M had a wonderful time with her new booth. The new display appears to have been a wise project.

Mrs M’s Best Day Ever

Mrs M’s Best Weekend Ever

  • Marg Helgenberger, AKA Catherine Willow on CSI, dropped by Mrs M’s booth on Sunday. Alas, Mrs M was out shopping and did not get to sell her some soap.
  • Did we belong at this show? Absolutely. There was some high-end artwork on display, as well as some kitschy stuff, but it was really a very upscale, all-handmade show. Lots of jewelry designers. Fabulous show, great promoter … what’s not to like?
  • The results speak for themselves. This ended up being our best event ever that didn’t have Santa in its name. Not bad for a weather-impacted weekend in May, right?
  • Not many requests this weekend: wooden platters for Argentinian BBQ, a price list (!), chess boards (naturally), “another one just like this one,” more animal shapes, and a butcher block counter.

The Food

Saturday Breakfast: McDonald’s # 4.

Saturday Lunch: Troop 210 took orders & then, on schedule, delivered burgers to the booth for vendors. SO happy to support this Boy Scout Troop!

Saturday Snack: The chips that came with the burger.

Saturday Dinner: After seeing too long of a line at our favorite local restaurant, we went to Olive Terrace for the first time. The Chicken Marsala was very, very good. And I don’t say such things lightly, as this is my dish. We will return!

Sunday Breakfast: We planned to have Santa Clarita’s 2nd best breakfast burrito, but I arrived at Jimmy Dean’s only to discover they don’t open until 7:30a, when we had planned to be on the road. We settled for Carl’s Jr, and their burritos aren’t even on the Top 10 list (sigh).

Sunday Lunch: Hello, Troop 210, and thank you for the burger!

Sunday Snack: Another bag of chips came with today’s burger.

Sunday Dinner: Grand Panda, which just may become my new favorite Chinese restaurant in Santa Clarita. We had Cashew Chicken and Walnut Shrimp (which was wonderful). And Egg Rolls, of course.

The Facts

  • Total miles driven: 185 miles
  • Booth cost: $300
  • # of people we met during the event from the producer: 1
  • Visits in our booth by a promoter’s representative: 5
  • Total sales: $2,908
  • # containers of product taken: After I loaded the 19 containers of soap, I lost interest in counting the rest.
  • # boards available: 105
  • Saturday alarm: 5:15a
  • Sunday alarm: 6:15a
  • # transactions: 74
  • # soap & lotion vendors: There were 2 other soap makers and 2 other lotion makers. None of them had the product range, nor the display, that Mrs M had. Just sayin’.
  • # woodworking vendors: There was a toymaker and me. The Ghost of Cutting Board Maker Past was there … apparently a fellow cutting board maker has been at this show for many years, and I was mistaken for him by several people, I think.
  • Edge grain vs. end grain: 29:3
  • Returning next year? Absolutely.

Boards sold: 32

Magic Bottle Openers: 10

Small Boards: 4

Cheese Boards: 4

Large Cheese & Cracker Server, AKA Surfboards: 3

Clipboards: 2

Small Sous Chef Boards: 2

Large Cutting Board: 1

Lazy Susan: 1

Cheese & Cracker Server: 1

Pig Cutting Board: 1

Custom Order: 1

Rehab Heirloom Family Cutting Board: 1

The Board Chronicles: St Charles Borromeo Spring Boutique   2 comments

The Board Chronicles is an ongoing series of articles about the adventures of Mrs M’s Handmade as a vendor at community festivals & craft fairs. Mrs M’s subsidiary, Mr M’s Woodshop, has been approved to create this chronicle for the good of vendorkind.

There’s a woodworker in Australia that I have a lot of respect for called Lazy Larry. He does similar work to what I do, though for him it’s a full-time job. He has a great philosophy about picking events for direct sales: you don’t have to be everywhere, but you have to be somewhere!

This weekend, we elected to follow the recommendation of our good friend Jan and try an event at St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in North Hollywood. This is their 32nd Annual Spring Festival Arts & Crafts Sale, and our first venture into the North Hollywood/Burbank area. Should be good for us.

We’re in.

New Ideas

  • Given the work day (Mrs M said she was busy with her “job”), I ended up renting a cargo van so I could get our complete 10×20 indoor setup to the Church on time. That’s better than filling 2 vehicles, anyway, but it’s the first time we’ve done the cargo van thing.
  • New for this event is being open on Friday evening, followed by a long Saturday and Sunday. The event’s open for business for 24 hours, spread over the 3 days.


  • We need a trailer. Rentals are a pain.
  • Event # 4 of 8 in our Spring Fling.
  • Load in was difficult. The church dedicates their largest parking lot to the Festival itself (carnival rides, food booths, games, etc), so the busy streets are simply overwhelmed with festival goers, church volunteers … and 20+ vendors. I should have gotten there earlier so I would not have been so tense.
  • The opening Friday evening was a vendor suggestion from last year: set-up is on Friday, so why not stay open Friday evening? We were open this year & our sales were $8. No Friday opening next year!
  • Requests: a towel holder, tic tac toe sets, chess boards (4) and a nesting set of cutting boards. I’m pretty sure I should make more chess boards so that I can point at them instead of answering the ever present question several times at each event.
  • Sales benefited from being open so many hours, but, my goodness, it was slow going at the event. Hours need to be restricted to 18 or so.
  • Mrs M fell ill Saturday night, and was unable to vendor on Sunday. Little Girl responded to my emergency request, and was there to help me at the event (not so much) and the load out (totally). Mrs M felt better by Sunday night because she didn’t have to work at her “job” or at her hobby.
  • Wonderful event producer was totally committed to the success of her vendors, which she actively curated for this event. Her attention to detail was very much appreciated.
  • It’s not easy to get into this event, I’m told. I believe it!

The Food

Friday Dinner: Dreyer’s Mint Chip

Saturday Breakfast: Bagels & cream cheese

Saturday Lunch: a couple of skewers of BBQ meat + steamed veggies + pancit from the Filopino American group from the church, who host the booth as a fundraiser. Good eats.

Saturday Snack: Trail Mix

Saturday Dinner: Jimmy Deans double cheeseburger, fries & rings. High living at 9:30pm.

Sunday Breakfast: McDonald’s # 4. Of course.

Sunday Lunch: A burrito from the festival. Yum.

Sunday Snack: 2 scoops of Mint Chip Ice Cream

Sunday Dinner: Chipotle, 3 tacos, chips & guac. Yes, we know guac is extra.

The Facts

  • Total miles driven: 250
  • Booth cost: $175 (10×20)
  • # of people we met during the event from the producer: 3 … we should count the Monsignor, right?
  • Visits in our booth by a promoter’s representative: many – they were our vendor neighbors
  • Total sales: $1,926
  • # containers of product taken: 19
  • # boards available: 120
  • Saturday alarm: 6:30am. (To be fair, that was to deal with the rental van return & soap label lasering. The event started @ 10am.)
  • Sunday alarm: 6:30am
  • # transactions: 40
  • # soap & lotion vendors: just her
  • # woodworking vendors: just me
  • Edge grain vs. end grain: 7:6
  • Returning next year? Absolutely

Boards sold: 13

Cutting Boards: 3

Letter Clipboard: 2

Custom Orders: 2

Large Surfboard: 2

Lazy Susan: 1

Large Sous Chef Board: 1

Large Cutting Board: 2



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