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264 Blocks for Baby   2 comments

I have always looked at sets of hardwood blocks as a wonderful gift for any child. I played with blocks. You played with blocks. Payton needs to play with blocks, too.

I bought the book Making Toys That Teach, and it’s a good thought starter. I decided to make the blocks as the first project … and it’s definitely over the top. The plans call for 264 blocks. The blocks are based on 1-1/2″ as the base increment, so I needed a lot of 8/4 hardwood stock (which is 1-1/2″ thick when it is sanded), as well as some 4/4 stock (which is 3/4″ thick when sanded) … some of which got planed down to 3/8″.

The book suggested I use hardwood odds & ends that were in the shop … but I don’t use enough 8/4 stock to have odds and ends! I did have red oak (which is what I make just about everything from), along with some hard maple left over from when I made the workbench top.  I bought a couple of walnut and purpleheart boards for color.

Time to get started!