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What Comes Next?   2 comments

Love big ideas.  Lov’em.

Big ideas require big efforts to achieve them.  Check.

Big ideas require lots of time for prep and execution.  Check.

Big ideas are extremely gratifying: they are worth the effort and time.

You with me?

I’ve accomplished a few big ideas in my day … I’ve written about losing weight to go backpacking with my boys at Philmont.  I’ve written about the 2012 plan.  The latest big idea is completing the family photo scrapbooks for each of our four families … and that project will be DONE by December 31.

And I do know one more thing about big ideas … when they’re done, I need another one.  I have no time to live in the past.  I can only focus on what’s in front of me.

So, what comes next?

  • Woodworking … like the projects I didn’t get done for Christmas?
  • Re-doing the downstairs ceilings … because the cottage cheese has got to go?
  • Landscaping, because I have a growing hatred of wax leaf privets? (love it when puns happen organically) (sometimes I kill me)
  • Getting ready for marathon # 9?

I love big ideas … but sometimes it is disappointing that I can’t live without one or more of them in front of me!

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