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I’m going to insist on this.

I’ve been making wooden coasters for a while now (though I’ve been out for over a year, so….).

In any event, I have seen wooden coasters made by others … and found them wanting.

The purpose of a coaster is to protect the table surface from water condensation and scratches from the bottom of the glass. The purpose of the coaster is NOT to use up a woodworker’s small “scrap.”

I don’t have scrap. Ever. I use the wood that I have, and find what each piece of wood should be. That’s my job.

So, I make coasters on blanks that make 4x coasters. Each blank is 22″ long, and has to go through the CNC and the table saw to make a 5″ square piece of wood … with a 4″ cork insert on one side.

I have found that some people like 4 matched coasters, how I make them. However, there are many people that like a set of 4 coasters that are similar but not exactly alike. These are what I call chaos coasters, and these are Mrs M’s people. My mind is much more linear. Hers is more … chaotic.

I mean no disrespect. Believe me?

So, coasters come in sets of 4. Some are matchy matchy, and some are … in chaotic groupings. Y’all get to choose.


Purchase @ MrMsWoodshop.com

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  1. Always beautiful! You always put lot of thought into your work.

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