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It’s good to get things out of my head. These Serving Trays were a long time coming.

I knew I wanted to make trays with sides on them. That’s a classic serving piece, and I’m all about serving pieces. I needed to do serving trays. Finally, I found the way.

Serving trays are in 3 sizes: 12″x12″, 13-1/2″ x 19″ and 15″ x 24″. Small, medium and large. The 3 trays nest together nicely for easy storage, if you are so inclined. Sides provide 1-1/2″ of wall around the bottom of the tray, helping you corral whatever you might be putting on the trays.

Construction details are robust: all hardwood construction (naturally). The corners are connected with sturdy box joints. The bottoms, 3/8″ thick (and again, all hardwood), are captured in dados on the ends and sides for reliable load carrying. These trays are meant to be heirloom additions to your home.

The sides & ends are made of one of these three woods: Hard Maple (the lightest color), Cherry and Sapele (a very pretty dark brown wood, AKA African Mahogany). The bottoms are matched in some cases, and stripey in others. You can mix and match your set of 3 if you wish.

The initial thought for these trays was for them to be the base of Charcuterie Kits, and indeed, they are. If you want to see some pretty pictures of Charcuterie done at VMICA (the Velda Mowry Institute of Culinary Arts), then you can go here.

If you would like to purchase, that link is here. Please note that orders can be placed today, but I do not expect to ship until the end of April. The good news is you can order exactly what you want. The bad news is … exactly what you want takes time. My job is to make sure there is a smile on your face when you finally get to see your new Serving Tray!

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  2. Just like all you other work, these are beautiful works of art. If I order a set, can I get the bottles of Weller Full Proof & Weller 12 thrown in? Those bottles are nearly impossible to find for less than $250.

    • LOL. Actually found the 12 for a bit less than that in a little liquor store across from the train station in Carpinteria, CA. Had been in that store many times before doing the adjacent California Avocado Festival, but had never been in the right frame of mind to go bourbon shopping when I was a-vendoring!

      But, yes, all of the Wellers are very difficult finds in SoCal. I remember the good old days when the green label was “only” $39.99.

      Have to admit, that photo was showing off just a bit. Though doing that kind of side-by-side taste test might be fun some night.

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