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I’m in search of the perfect cheese & cracker server. This year, I’ve added Cracker Things … and Cheese Slicers.

I’ve gotten closer to my goal, one step at a time.

Cheese Slicers require some unique machining: at this point, it’s the only piece I make that requires a drill press. I have to make a vertical 3.75″ x 1/4″ hole in a 3/4″ board. Centering the hold, vertically, is a challenge.

After the hole is drilled, I have to make a sloping cut on the table saw to make sure the cheese wire can be captured by the handle without damage to the wire. That’s a key point, and when not done properly is the reason why many cheese slicers have wires that fail too quickly.

Thank goodness I have my lifetime guarantee: if something happens to the slicer, I’ll fix it. In my lifetime.

Gallows humor, in a cheese slicer. Who knew?

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