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One of the challenges in a 1-man shop is how you can get more efficient. When it’s just you against the world, you can’t afford to waste time.

I decided some time ago that I would not hire an assistant … so I bought one.

My CNC router is a computer-controlled carving machine that will do what I tell it to do, generally. It will work on one project while I’m doing other tasks. I’m now doing some processes for many of my products on the CNC. Magic Bottle Openers, Trivets, Coasters and Pigs all go through the CNC now.

And in this case, “more is better” is definitely a true statement. I’m slowly adding more products. Wall plaques are now happening, along with some 3D carving. As I gain more skills there, you’ll see Cribbage Boards (I promise!) and new Cheese Slicers make it to the finish line.

For now, here are some of the ideas I have delivered sing the CNC.

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  1. Beautiful work. I love my cnc. It’s small but perfect for a weekend hobbyist like myself. What software do you use?

    • I use Aspire. I have so much more to learn!

      • So far I have just used free software. Easel, F-Engrave, Fusion360, they all have advantages and disadvantages. I know I’ll pay for a software soon enough, just haven’t pulled that trigger yet. If you ever want to see my work, look me up on Instagram #hokiemade. I appreciate all feedback and critiques.

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