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I first heard it this summer. A lady walked into the booth, and said, “I’ve found my cutting board guy.”

I’m that guy. The Cutting Board Guy.

It really hit me, though, at our biggest event of the year. There were 3 other woodworkers there, all selling cutting boards. However, I didn’t like those boards … they used the wrong finish (and didn’t know why), or the wrong woods (and didn’t even know it), or the wrong design (ergonomics are important!).

I’m not a snob about it, truly. It’s a big world out there and different people like different things. That’s fine. However, I have absolutely done my research into “best practices.” I’ve researched the science of cutting boards & food prep. I’ve even talked to people (!). Finally, I have made a few hundred cutting boards.

Easy to casually throw that one out there, isn’t it? A few hundred!

The bottom line, though, is that I have struggled mightily over the last few years to make heirloom quality cutting boards. I’m now making those boards with an unusually wide array of hardwoods … and still making them in the way most recommended by experts.

So, I’m that guy.

All of that stated, here are some of my absolute favorites from 2016.

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  1. Yes, “our cutting board guy” does FANTASTIC work!!! [Not that I’m biased or anything . . . ]

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