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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeMy “to do” list has had making hearts on it for a long time.

I finally made myself make time to do it.

These hearts are 11″ high, and about 12″ wide. They’re 3/4″ thick, and are intended for 2-sided use (so no non-skid rubber feet).

Each of these are different, of course … because no heart is the same. They do all have Bloodwood in them … because they’re hearts. I mean, what wood would you choose to put into a heart?

I also know I’ll never make a heart out of pure Black Walnut, because a heart should not be black.

I can’t wait for someone to ask me how much my heart costs.

Or if I have a bigger heart.

I believe these will be fun!

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  1. Henry, these are just beautiful. Great work as always. Tim

  2. Heart-felt appreciation for the beauty – wishing you ‘heart-y’ success in your sales!! They are lovely!

  3. I see these as oversized for those who want an ornament

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