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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeOne frequent request is for a “big enough” cutting board to be lighter. The only way to do that is for the board to be thinner … and as a board gets thinner, it is going to be more prone to warping.

I have a way to help prevent that. It’s called “bread board ends”, which are boards on the end of the laminated piece that are attached with tongue & groove joinery. These end pieces run perpendicular to the rest of the board. The cross-grain orientation help ensure the board will stay flat, even though the board is as thin as 3/4″.

This kind of board is often used as a pastry board (hence the name); a variation of the pastry board includes a “counter hook” that grabs the edge of the counter. This way, the board doesn’t creep away from you as you roll out the dough. But I digress.

Bread board ends are also a feature of well-made “in counter boards” which are a feature in many kitchens. These boards fit into a slot in a cabinet, and slide out when a cutting surface – or just more counter space – is required.

Due to a change in the building code, these boards are now difficult to find in LA County. Replacing older boards can be very difficult – and essential.

These are the latest 4 boards out of the shop with bread board ends. 3 are commissioned pieces, and the 4th is the first ever cutting board with bread board ends I’ve made to sell in the booth.


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