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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeYes, Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m back in the pig business.

I’ve been out of the business for some time … but perhaps not nearly long enough. It all depends on your perspective.

And I believe that my perspective on pigs is hard-fought.

I began making pigs as cutting boards – robust ones, actually. And if you’ve every faced off with a pig in a feedlot, then you know that pigs are nothing if not robust.

However, I know some people buy these boards not for use, but for display. I make them to be of use, but for some, that use is beauty.

Go figure. Pigs. Beauty. Must be that art thing I keep thinking about.

In any event, the beauty requirement has resulted in a couple of these boards being made a bit thinner & lighter.

Every litter has a runt or two, after all.

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  1. Obviously these are NOT Hampshire hogs – the stripe[s] run the wrong way . . . however they ARE cute!!!!

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