Wedding Presents? Anniversary Presents?   2 comments

With the new year, I’m adding some new board designs and shapes. The designs shown here all feature laser engraving.

If you have a few weeks for me to prepare, then I can make one of these personalized gifts for you to present to your loved ones.

Me, I’m just hoping that having the boards on display with our wedding date showing will help Velda remember how long we’ve been married. ‘course, I still might have to do the math for her.

Y’all can tell when I’m kidding, right?

2 responses to “Wedding Presents? Anniversary Presents?

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  1. henry, do you do the laser engraving? if so, what did you get to do it?

    • I don’t do the engraving myself, no. I’ve got a lady for that. She engraves my sanded but not finished boards. I then do touch-up sanding and oil/wax the boards. Her set-up (with 2 laser engravers, forced exhaust and a sand blasting set up as well) cost far more than I could justify for the amount of engraving that I will do!

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