Things To Do When I Am Sick   2 comments

1. Plot revenge on Velda, who has infected me … twice this month. There is nothing good about that. I mean, what did I ever do to her?

2. Do a guy thing, and watch ESPN. Unfortunately, it proved to be unwatchable with wall-to-wall coverage of Sunday’s Superbowl … which just doesn’t interest me that much. The players seem to be thugs: millionaires that I could care less about. The coaches are proven cheaters. No UCLA fan could ever support Pete Carroll. I’ll watch the game, but could I watch hours of breathless coverage about what these league champions say or don’t say? No way.

3. Binge watch a TV series … I watched 10 episodes of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I thought the show was good … but since I could enjoy it in my condition, maybe I should reconsider.

About Time4. Sleep.

5. Drink.

6. Take drugs.

7. Go to bed early, which I did … only to wake up at 2am. So, what to do?

8. Watch a romantic comedy, of course. The movie was About Time. As the movie poster says, from the creator of “Love Actually” and “Notting Hill.” The protagonist (Domhnall Gleeson, who you may remember as Bill Weasley) is described as a ginger, and he got the girl (Rachel McAdams). I remember having red hair, and anytime a guy with red hair gets a beautiful girl, that’s a good thing. I mean, it happened to me, so it could happen to anyone.

9. Go to bed late.

10. Sleep.

11. Unfortunately, prepare to repeat.


Things To Do When Velda Is Sick

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  1. Your thoughts today are an interesting contrast to your thoughts yesterday. I hope that you both are back to full speed soon!

  2. Feel better!

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