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I have a problem, and I need your help.

I’ve spent the weekend trying to do too much, and not getting it done. When I got to the end of my weekend, I discovered that my plan wasn’t going to work. I’d relied on a rough sketch and layout to base my design on … and it failed. I was trying to put too much stuff in too little space.

After days of thinking and days of building, what I had wasn’t going to work.

“Rough sketch” isn’t going to cut it anymore.

So, I need some design software that is easy for this woodworker to use. Something I don’t need a degree in … well, anything other than Speech & Dramatic Art … to know how to operate.

Oh, and it should be cheap enough that I can buy it, and robust enough to, uh, work.

So, smart person, what should I be using?


Ignorant In The Garage Workshop



Posted June 9, 2014 by henrymowry in Living Life

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