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The headline is supposed to tell you why the story is important to you. Read the headline, and you should have a sense of what happened. Why you should read the story.

Sometimes headlines can be misleading, though. Wednesday morning, I got an email from Mom with this subject line:


What did I instantly know? That she was NOT fine.

Or perhaps her definition of “fine” has gotten a bit slippery of late.

Mom had trouble sleeping last night … well, she had trouble while sleeping, actually. She fell out of bed, lost her battle against gravity, and cut herself seriously when she bonked her head on the hardwood floor.

Luckily, she was prepared for just such an odd event. She pressed the button on her Lifeline necklace, and the police were contacted. They were at her door directly, called the ambulance, and they had her in the emergency room quickly.

7 stitches later, she was (almost) as good as new.

LifelineThe story here, though, is that Lifeline was exactly what she needed. She had begun the service 3 years ago when she concluded it was time to have that safety net to help her whenever she might need it.

And last night was that night.

If you have loved ones that might need emergency help when they’re unable to make it to a phone, then they need Lifeline. If you live thousands of miles away like I do – or just hundreds of miles away like my sister – then your loved ones need Lifeline.

While Mom was in the emergency room, Lifeline called Mom’s designated numbers to tell both my sister and I what happened. Unfortunately, we didn’t answer our cellphones at 2am … but we both got calls. I first got word from Mom’s email, which I saw shortly after 6am … and it was then I knew that no matter what she might claim, she was not fine. Not really.

But the Lifeline worked, and she was OK. And that’s a wonderful thing.




Lifeline Medical Alert

When She Calls


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  1. Thank the Lord she is OK. What a family resemblance you and Elizabeth have to Letha Marie, beautiful group.

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