A Rare And Wonderful Day   1 comment

It’s one of the rarest things in sales.

Mowry, Henry Lee, 2005

2005. When renting space in a hotel lobby – and not getting thanked – was something I did.

Today, I received a handwritten thank you note from a client … because I did my job. She wanted ads to run, and I made that happen. And I was paid to do that … it is what an ad salesperson does, after all.

So the ads ran, and the client was happy. She took the time to write a note and mail it to me at my home.

I’ve been selling stuff since I was 22. I’ve done door-to-door, briefly. I’ve done big ticket out-of-the-box promotional sales. I’ve had people give me money to put their logo on a roller coaster.

I know sales.

To be thanked by a client, just for doing your job? That’s a rare and wonderful thing.

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  1. the world is full of wonderful folks – and sometimes we’re lucky enough to connect w/ them!!

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