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Shenandoah NP 50Eastern Screech Owls (Megascops asio) are the smallest resident birds of prey in Shenandoah National Park, weighing only about 5-8 oz. (that’s a couple of candy bars). They are active all winter, leaving their cozy tree-cavity nests at night in search of food. In winter, there is usually an abundance of mice and shrews, but other mainstay dinner items are hiding out until spring: frogs, salamanders, small snakes, lizards, moths, caterpillars and other insects. Wiley Screech Owls have been observed on frosty autumn mornings walking around farm fields, picking off inert grasshoppers like grapes. Posted by the US Department of the Interior on Tumblr, 2/9/14.

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  1. A winking owl! Beautiful!

  2. Never quite understood why they are called screech owls. I think most people hear barn owls and think they are screech owls. Next time I’m over I will share the calls.

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