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President George W Bush's motorcade, 2005. Photo Mike Hensdill/The Gaston Gazette, as shown on Wikipedia.

President George W Bush’s motorcade, 2005. Photo Mike Hensdill/The Gaston Gazette, as shown on Wikipedia.

It was the biggest show in town.

I was working for Radio & Records, officed on the 5th floor of a 5-floor building at 1930 Century Park West in Century City, LA. We happened to be across the street from a generally empty parking lot … that was right behind the Century Plaza Hotel.

Which is where the President stayed.

The year was 1987. When President Reagan came to LA, he stayed at the Century Plaza. It was getting there that was the problem.

Because my building overlooked the parking lot, the Secret Service would search our entire office. They would look under every desk. Open every door. When the show was about to start, there would be snipers and spotters on the roof of every surrounding building, all there to protect the President.

Traffic was blocked off on all of the streets surrounding the parking lot, of course, meaning even more policemen were standing around, waiting on the show.

President Reagan would fly into LAX, and then take a helicopter (well, 3 helicopters) to the parking lot that my office overlooked. The 3 helicopters flew in a random formation, and then all landed in the parking lot. Reagan’s helicopter (“Marine One”) would magically land in the front position, so President Reagan could descend the little stair case to the parking lot, wave at the press corps behind the rope (he never heard their questions because of the helicopter noise, which was a running joke during his Presidency), and walk 5 steps to get into his car.

5 steps.

His motorcade always had multiple motorcycle cops in front, police cars, the limo, multiple black Suburbans, more police cars, and more motorcycle cops. Then, the motorcade would leave the parking lot, turn right, and move one block, turn right, and park behind the hotel. The total drive was 1-1/2 blocks and would take approximately 30 seconds.

It took about 200 people to get that done.

That’s what it took to move the President about 500 yards. Every time he came to LA.


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  1. Wow! You were front and center of all this movement. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea it took so much!

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