Losing Our Hearts   1 comment

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

I’m a guy. That means I don’t enjoy shopping as much as some. Mainly, those of the fairer sex.

Given that I do not enjoy shopping as much as some … the news this week that Black Friday has become Black Thursday is simply wrong.

I understand that brick and mortar retailers are afraid. The reality, though, is that they think they must force their employees to work on what is a widely recognized holiday in order to make another dollar in profits.

The employees must support this corporate goal, or risk losing their jobs.

And we, as a society, lose a little bit of our soul. Giving thanks? No longer as important.

I will not support these business through the holiday season, as they believe their profits are more important than our cultural tradition of giving thanks.

Oh, and the Old Navy Stores? The worst of the worst.


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  1. It made me mad when some of the stores did this last year and it makes me madder that there are more doing it this year. I’m with you. I won’t support a retailer that takes away Thanksgiving.

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