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Never Go BackThis was a good week. Lee Child released his 18th Jack Reacher book, called Never Go Back.

The problem? I inhale his books when they come out. This one was read in 18 hours. I could have finished faster if I didn’t have to work, but somebody’s gotta pay for the book, y’know?

I recommend the series whole-heartedly. It’s great escapist reading.

Reacher is a unique character, to say the least. He’s a former Army MP who mustered out as a Major during the draw down of forces in the late 90s. Now, he goes where he wants when he wants, and he does so with no possessions. Well, he has the clothes on his back … which he replaces when they get dirty. He has a folding tooth-brush. He has an expired passport, and an ATM card.

And with that, he’s good to go.

The recent Tom Cruise movie, Jack Reacher, is endorsed by Child, but as a separate work of art (based on the novel, One Shot). Notably, the fictional Reacher is 6′-5″ tall and weighs 220+. If you know Tom Cruise, he’s not quite that size. So, enjoy the movie if you like, but you really need to grab a Reacher book and settle in for a great day of reading.

If you’re new to the series, then you have at least 18 great days ahead of you.


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The Official Site of Lee Child and Jack Reacher

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  2. When I read my first Reacher novel I also thought I could read all the backlog in a few days – one a day right. I did well, I managed to do four in consecutive days and then I was done – out thrilled and exhausted from getting into so much trouble. So I left them alone until this most recent edition which really kicked my interest again for the others. But good news as far as I’m concerned; in a recent interview with Elaine Charles host of the Book report radio show, Child claimed that his next novel is already named “20 seconds ago”, which means there can’t be much of a wait before the next one hits the shelves.

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