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When last we visited this particular succulent, it was beginning to flower and was still an unknown plant to me. Here’s the original post with pictures.

Now, we know that it’s Agave americana.  Common name is the century plant … but the Agave americana only lives 10-30 years. Further, we know this particular plant is now actively dying, yet it still struggles to break into full flower. Note the leaves that are drooping around the base of the flower stalk … that process will continue until the flowers above are in full bloom, and the leaves below are a flacid, dead mess.

Agave americana is used to make mezcal in the Oaxaca region of Mexico (where it’s called a maguey plant). It’s also a source for some agave nectars. A cousin, Agave tequilana, is the blue agave that is the source of tequila.

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