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35 is a tetrahedral number - the fifth one, in fact.

35 is the fifth tetrahedral number – and I can pronounce that word correctly, without help from the word’s creator.

The above graphic is an animated .gif. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and they can be either static or animated.

The inventor of this handy file format, Steve Wilhite, finally settled a controversy in the graphics community by declaring his preference for the pronunciation of the universally accepted short-hand name of this file, “gif.” He created this format 26 years ago, in 1987.

It’s “jif,” with a soft “g” sound. Not the hard G, as in graphic.

So, I’ve pronounced it wrong for all of these years, as have most (but not all) of the graphic artists I’ve worked with. My apologies to Mr. Wilhite and to the creative community for the mistake!



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