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My DrivewaySo there I was, sitting on the driveway painting boards. I had laid out plastic, and I was brushing away.

I have been here before. Many times. Applying finish to wood is something I do, and building projects that outgrow the garage workshop is a common thing. I build big things, which often test limits … like the 80% complete gardening shed you can almost see behind the gates to the right of the house.

I heard the neighbor across the street taking his daughter to cheerleading practice, and I realized that I had never seen him painting boards on plastic sheets spread out on his driveway.

I stopped & thought. He’s lived there for … more than a decade. And I have never seen him doing work in the driveway. Wow!

And then I realized that I was the weird one. I was the one pursuing an idea that apparently makes no sense to my neighbors.

But I’m not alone.

I worked with a lady that is a serious adult figure skater. She travels, competes and judges.

I know a guy that’s got a collection of every 45 record ever to appear on Billboard’s charts. His house is a museum to music.

I know another guy that’s worked in Africa almost his entire adult life. He works for the UN, helping people learn better agricultural practices.

And then there’s the guy that’s done 3 tours in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Velda cooks meals from scratch several days a week. A complete meal from scratch in 60 minutes? No big thing. Feeding 2? Feeding 8? No big thing. Oh, and she’s got a very demanding job, too.

I’ve traveled to Nashville just to run 26.2 miles.

It’s a big world out there.

And isn’t that wonderful?

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