12 Ways To Know You’re Taking Facebook Too Seriously   1 comment

1. YFB 01ou’re searching the internet for cat images so you can make your own memes.

2. You keep threatening your friends that you’re going to stop using Facebook.

3. You get all of your information from your Newsfeed.

4. When you get an email, you are frustrated that there’s no like button to push.

5. You’ve had serious discussions about the need for a dislike button.

6. You always update your movies section after you see a movie.

7. You get angry with yourself when you go out and don’t check in.

8. You instantly like any post that agrees with your political thoughts.

9. You think that everything “the other side” does is stupid.

10. You know what you think about national news stories before you actually hear the national news story from “real” media.

11. You have more self portraits taken in the bathroom mirror posted than anything else.

12. You’ve never met most of your friends.

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  1. LOL All very true.

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