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SolarGreen energy continues to befuddle and annoy us. I’ve been approached by one too many solar energy sales people at Home Depot … so I wanted to re-examine where we were as a society with solar and renewable energy.

This photo just makes me laugh.

This photo just makes me laugh.

Making green energy has become even more controversial as investment in green technology has increased. We now have green lobbies arguing against wind farms and solar energy installations (links below) because some wildlife will be harmed in the making of the supposedly green energy. I’m sure that’s true … so which would you prefer, using oil and coal, and harming the environment, or using solar and wind, and harming the environment?

I believe in the creation of energy that I can use. And if a few birds die in the process, that’s unfortunate. I like birds. But I like using energy, too.

But I digress.

Here’s a great set of tips on how to lower your energy bill without installing expensive solar panels. And you might be surprised to see what’s most important! According to the Minnesota Power utility, buying solar panels for your home is the LAST thing you should do! Here’s a priority list they developed to help their customers, which you can see here.


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