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Everyone knows to go to the top of Airport Road to see the rocks to the west of Sedona … but that’s actually not the best show at sunset.  To see the setting sunlight on rocks, you need to look to the east of Sedona … which is visible from the top of the hill above a tiny parking lot on the east side of Airport Road, about a half mile above 89A. The hike is only a couple of hundred feet … vertically … and then you overlook the valley to the east, so you see the light from the setting sun.

The parking lot is tiny.  Be early, and be careful!

Sedona 01 Sedona 02 Sedona 03 Sedona 04 Sedona 05 Sedona 06 Sedona 07


Sedona: Bell Rock

Sedona: Courthouse Butte

Sedona: Cock’s Comb

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