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Posted February 8, 2016 by henrymowry

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  1. Hello!
    I Want buy Soap Drying Rank
    How much is it ?
    Thank you!

    • I haven’t made another … and shipping it would be a challenge, since each of the drying rack trays don’t collapse. The structural pieces could be made for reassembly, but it’s not something I’ll have time to do this year. Contact me in January, and especially if you’re in Southern California, we’ll see if I can fix you up. And, if there are a few other soapers out there that want a rack so I can make a batch….

  2. hi, im looking for a soap drying rack similar to this one in a photo? where can i get it from?

    • Hi, I’m actually thinking about building a few of these and making them shipping-friendly with a minimum of construction on your end. I don’t have the details together, though, so perhaps check back with me in 6 weeks.

  3. How much money??!

    WąŁêĕd Ya Ŝšer
    • Hi, I am currently working on designs for the Soap Drying Rack that will allow me to ship anywhere in the US. Please email me directly and I’ll get you on my information list: email Thanks for your interest!

  4. How much money

    WąŁêĕd Ya Ŝšer
  5. I NEED THIS!!!

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