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13 Signs That You Need A Break From Woodworking   1 comment

Workbench1. When Velda’s comments change from “I love what you’re making” to “Stop tracking sawdust all over my house.”

2. When you can’t work in the shop anymore until you clean it.

3. When you need wood for the next project and you don’t have time to go buy it.

4. When the wood budget begins to resemble a weekend getaway.

5. When a weekend getaway begins to look better than a full rack of wood.

6. When so many tools are spread out you don’t have any place to put your work.

7. When you volunteer to make things for people and they say, “Uh, no.”

8. When watching ACC football sounds better than going to the garage workshop.

9. When watching Grey’s Anatomy sounds better than going to the garage workshop.

10. When the landscaping looks perfect for Hallowe’en … and that’s not a goal.

11. When your hands are numb from all of the sanding. And stay numb after a 5 minute break.

12. When Velda’s placing orders for display pieces to go with her mythical hand-made lotion business.

13. When you realize that you’re working harder than Congress is.


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