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Tom Cruise's fortune was made in "Risky Business" and his oh so retro Ray-Bans.

Tom Cruise’s fortune was made in “Risky Business” with his oh so retro Ray-Bans.

When have you been painting white boards in the direct sunlight too long?

When your eyes no longer see color properly.

It’s called Chromatic Adaptation, and what it means is I over-stressed the brightness and blue color receptors in my eyes … so when I walked into the darker, flourescent-lit garage workshop, I couldn’t see brightness or blue colors … which is particularly bad in a blue-light flourescent environment. So everything looked dark brown. And I mean everything looked that way until my eyes recovered several seconds later.

So it was time to quit painting!

Here’s a link to a site so you can see what happens when you over-saturate certain colors in your eyes:

Ever wonder why Hollywood stars always wear sunglasses? It’s not just to look cool. Or mask their identity. In fact, if they’ve spent too much time in bright lights, then their eyes eventually adapt so that they don’t see well in transitions between light and dark … they teach their eyes to adapt slowly, because they are always in the bright lights.

So they wear sunglasses to protect their eyes.

It also protects their eyes from all of the camera flashes. And if they are, uh, self-medicating, then it can help protect over-dilated eyes.

And it’s cool.

Sunglasses were just as important in Cruise's Top Gun.

Sunglasses were just as important in Cruise’s Top Gun.

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