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So, if you’ve stayed with me through my 6 day staycation, perhaps you’re wondering WHY on earth did I subvert to this diary format about woodworking? Two reasons, really:

1. At last weekend’s little boutique, I sold 9 boards. While doing so, I had 2 different people ask me how long it takes me to make a board. I told them the truth (something that I do): “I have no idea.” After this week … I have an idea.

2. This weekend (hopefully as you are reading this!) is the Saugus High School Boutique Fantastique, featuring over a 100 vendors including, you guessed it, Mrs M’s Handmade. This event is in its 25th year, and is noteworthy for 2 reaons: it’s the biggest holiday boutique in our area, and in spite of living in our Saugus home for 24 years and putting 3 kids through Saugus High, we’ve never attended. That will change on Saturday. The Mrs M’s have been making lotions, balms, sprays & scrubs for weeks (New holiday scents! New manly scents!). And since I’m the hired muscle and will be there no matter what … I needed some boards to sell. Hopefully, a lot of them.Boutique FantastiqueSo, I needed a staycation.

Time to see what Day 6 will bring me.Staycation 60

8:08a: in the shop. Sanding 180 grit.Staycation 61


9:27a: done with 180, time for 220.Staycation 62

10:25a: 220 is done.

11:13a: plugged in the branding iron.Staycation 65

Staycation 64

When the shop door is open, my little Hula Girl always puts a smile on my face.

11:23a: 320 grit is done.

Staycation 66

I’ve done marketing for all of my career … and this is what I call branding.

12:25p: branding is done. Clean the shop; load the Jeep.

1:17p: finish the prep.

1:36p: begin oiling.

2:13p: First oil is done. Lunch.

2:50p: Oil rub down on all boards … three times on the end grain boards.

3:30p: work on an upgrade on my second step unit.

4:36p: upgrade done. Oil is saturated on the boards. Take a break.

5:34p: Wax on.

7:08p: Wax off.

7:56p: Done with 14 boards, including non-skid feet and stainless steel screws.



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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your stacation notes and detailed information about your work. Your boards are nothing short of gorgeous! Hopefully, I’ll get to see them in person someday, and maybe even HAVE one! Good luck at your sale(s)!

    • Thanks, Janice! It’s been an odd blog series for me, though I’ve definitely learned from the process. And the results have been very good, I believe. See the boards produced on the blog Monday.

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