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Mrs Ms Handmade set a one-day sales record yesterday. My retail persona, Mr M, sold more wooden objects in a day than ever before … 13 pieces were sold.

Yes, for you numerologists out there, that good number occurs again in our lives. I love 13. Link below.

So, back to the success thing.

I’ve been building a number of cutting boards, cheese boards and serving pieces, as you know. Have to be ready for the big push for the holidays! And in our first big event of the 4th quarter … we sold 1/6 of the inventory.

One sixth.

Here’s the problem: we have 14 days of sales left. Oh, and we added another retail location last week, and that will require pieces to sell. And display pieces. In three weeks.

So, as much as I enjoyed having that nice lady pick apart Mrs. M’s lotion display so she could buy the display pieces for Christmas presents … and then hand me more money when she saw another piece when she began to walk away … it meant that more pieces were walking away.

futurama-lazy-guySuccess means I have a LOT LOT LOT of work to do in order to be ready for November’s events.

Success. And since when does success mean you have to work harder?

Perhaps I would be happier as a lazy bum.

Nah. Never going to happen.

So here’s a visual goodbye to some of the pieces I loved that served to remind me that there’s a lot of work required of me … and I couldn’t be happier.


June 13, 1975

13 Things To Do On Friday The 13th

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