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Ringo - Under A Graveyard SkyI don’t generally like post-apocalyptic literature.

I don’t avoid it, necessarily, but I don’t seek it out.

I certainly don’t seek to read novels about zombies. On the other hand, I loved the 2009 movie Zombieland. It’s nice popcorn, and that’s a good thing to watch on cable. IMHO.

John Ringo is a prolific author that writes military sci-fi. He’s written several series that I have enjoyed: notably, the Posleen War series (dealing with the aftermath of an alien invasion), and the Empire of Man series (dealing with a fighting force marooned on a planet that has to fight to get home).

My favorite series, though, is the Paladin of Shadows series, which features a James Bond/Rambo type hero that saves the US from a nuclear attack … and then fulfills a lot of contemporary fantasies in the 2006 novel, Kildar. The hero, Mike Jenkins, avenges 9/11 by single-handedly ending another terrorist plot, rescuing the victims and avenging their pain by killing the plot leader, a prominent terrorist leader in the Mideast.

His new series may just become my new favorite, however. It follows a family as they work to survive a zombie apocalypse. A disease is created by some unknown group; the result of that disease is an infected population that attacks anything that moves.

Ringo - To Sail A Darkling SeaThere is no known cure to the disease, and it is a blood born pathogen, so a bite by a zombie creates another zombie. The zombies aren’t dead, so we’re not dealing with Thriller zombies … but a feral, biting human attacking other humans is zombie enough for me.

The first novel, Under A Graveyard Sky, starts with two brothers that actually have a plan for what they’ll do if society is going to crash. They’ve got code words, even. Suddenly, you’ve got one brother working to save his corporate bosses, while the other brother is working to save his wife and their two teen-aged daughters while sailing up the Hudson River to avoid the crazed attackers that are taking over Manhattan.

The second novel follows the family as they decide to make a difference, and work to rebuild society.

I’m not a fan of post apocalyptic literature … but do love a great read.

I’m not a fan of military literature … but do love a great read.

That’s what you get here. Both of these books are page turners. They are laugh out loud funny at times. Ringo’s dialogue from female teenagers is spot on. His dialogue from arrogant, self-entitled jerks is spot on.

The action in these novels just doesn’t stop. Get yourself a glass of your favorite bourbon, put some rock ‘n roll on the stereo, and settle in. This is a good ride.

The third novel, Islands of Rage and Hope, is due in August. Can’t wait!


John Ringo’s Official Website

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